free gift

1x1.gif   the free gift giver

Everything we are able to do and provide to you is due to a free gift from someone we'd like to publically acknowledge.

Jesus, God's Son, has provided the single most important and single dearest gift we could ever have received.

Through years of toil, sweat and tears, only He has been the mentor and guide through the maze of life. It is no exaggeration that honour and praise are due Him for the provisions we have received.

For God so loved the world
that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish
but have eternal life.
John 3:16   

His free gift is for you too. God's Son, Jesus, lived and died so that you and I could live this life more wonderfully than we could ever have imagined, and live beyond death in a reality which surpasses our very imaginations.

He died as a perfect sacrifice as the only atonement for our sins because there is not one thing we can do to move ourselves any closer to the Holy God. Jesus' death paid our debt in full and there is but to admit our sin before God and believe that Jesus lived and died as payment for our sins, and we will see God in Heaven beyond this life.

It is our earnest desire for our services to work to the glory of God and the growth of His kingdom made up of people like you and I if we believe Jesus died for our sins.

We hope you have found peace in God's simple forgiveness, and if you have not we hope you consider your life and come to an honest decision about Jesus and His act, done especially for you and I who have fallen and who can be redeemed by the grace of Jesus alone.

1x1.gif   look further

We encourage you to look further into the free gift Jesus has offered you. It's yours for the taking at any moment.

The Book of John in the Holy Bible is a great place to begin. Who God is, who God's Son is and what His offer is to you are laid out in a straight forward way. If you were wondering at all about this free gift, the Book of John will provide you with what you want to know.

If you're considering His free gift but have questions, we encourage you to pray to Him for understanding. God will hear you and answer you.

If you have questions we also encourage you to visit Christian for answers to the most frequent questions about Jesus and the Christian faith. For scientific information and how it relates to the Holy Bible, we recommend Answers In Genesis and Creation Ministries International.

Above all, we encourage you to ask God, clearly and sincerely, to explain any questions you may have. God hears you and will respond. It may not even be the way you expect, but rest assured God loves you and will provide what you need.

1x1.gif   receiving the free gift

Accepting Jesus' offer and receiving His free gift is simple.

Talk to God and let him know that you have sinned against Him, because we have all fallen short of His perfect righteousness, and that your only hope is Jesus who died as payment for your sins.

God's forgiveness will be extended to you because of what Jesus did for you and you will be given eternal life.

What must I do to be saved?
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.

If you've taken this step, praise God! Angels are celebrating for you and we do too!

If you have taken the step to accepting Jesus' offer, you have stepped into a brand new life and God's Holy Spirit will come into to you and begin transforming you into a new person!

We encourage you to find a church which has a solid foundation on God's Word, the Holy Bible. God will quickly find a place for you and set you about growing in your new faith and exploring His love for you and for His Kingdom!